Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bigfoot language

R. Scott Nelson retired from the U.S. Navy as a Crypto-Linguist with more than 17 years experience in Foreign Language and Linguistics, including the collection, transcription, analysis and reporting of voice communications.
He is a two time graduate of the U.S. Navy Cryptologic Voice Transcription School (Russian and Spanish) and has logged thousands of hours of voice transcription in his target languages as well as in Persian.  He is currently teaching Russian, Spanish, Persian, Philosophy and Comparative Religions at Wentworth College in Missouri.
No apes or bears have a real language.

The Nephilim Chronicles

On a radio talk show, author Fritz Zimmerman discusses his many years of research into ancient burial mounds in America--and the discoveries of giant skeletons in them. Again, I don't agree with all his views, but his findings also support the idea of giants occupying America.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yikes, I just realized that--assuming anyone ever shows up and reads these posts--you will have no context for my previous posts because I failed to tell you about the first novella in the series, Fierce Hunger. Here's the cover.
And here's a bit about it: In the spring of 1876, when two Colorado deputies return to the tree they’d tied their horses to before chasing a fugitive into a forest, the horses are gone, without a trace. As they walk back to town, leading their bound prisoner, they discuss the possible reasons for their predicament. Xavier Garza, the half-Zuni deputy, believes he knows the answer: Atahsaia—a Zuni word meaning cannibal demon. His partner, Thomas Wilkins, scoffs at such superstition, until the mounting evidence changes his perspective on monsters—and on trust

America’s astonishing war against the cannibal giants

You decide ...
One of the greatest wars of all time can’t be found in the history books: America’s amazing war against the giants.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Giants in America

I don't necessarily agree with this man's philosophy, but he highlights some fascinating historical evidence. Giants did inhabit this land.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fierce Pursuit

Excerpts from Fierce Pursuit (available soon)

Xavier revived just before we entered the town. Naturally, he wanted to know about his wife and son. We—the Langstons and I—tried to comfort him without giving him the devastating news. He would not be denied, however; he insisted on the truth, all of it. In the typical Xavier Garza manner, he kept his emotions in check, mostly, as we gave him the dreadful report.

Had it been me receiving such news, I suspect I would have leapt from the wagon, stolen the nearest horse, and ridden back to the ranch to look for signs to follow, for some way to recover my loved ones. And my efforts likely would have been wasted. Xavier, being less given to his emotions and more methodical in his approach to troubles, lay back down, quietly. His emotions were not unaffected, but rather than surrendering to them, he was, I was quite certain, praying.

We jogged through the rain and across the saturated ground until we reached the dead beast. Even as we approached it, I began to doubt that the brute before us was the same one that I had clearly seen carry away Elana and Pablo on that horrible night. That creature’s ugly face was seared into my memory. But as this one had lost much of its face, I could not come to a conclusion about its identity from such an observance. Instead, I sought to gauge the present beast’s size. It appeared to be noticeably smaller than the one that carried away Elana. I had estimated that one to be at the very least twelve feet tall—and I was still confident of that estimate. The beast Xavier’s shot brought down appeared to be no more than nine feet tall. I asked Walter, who’d been measured at six feet, three inches, to lie down beside it. By my comparative measurements, the creature before us, even with its entire head intact, would indeed have been about nine feet tall. It was not the Atahsaia we sought.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Here are some photos my wife and I shot when we visited the Black Canyon of the Gunnison for research for Fierce Pursuit (soon to be released). Four pictures must be worth 4,000 words.